TL;DR: I gave a small contribution to Gradle. It was a wonderful experience working with a such large open-source project that is used for way more people than i can think about.

Let me start this blog post by showing what this was all about:

Unresolved dependency on build.gradle

See the ‘Unresolved dependency’ message? That what this is all about. Before the work that I did, that message didn’t appear for Gradle projects. And after wasting some time on an off day because of a typo, I was really frustrated that VSCode didn’t help me not lose this time. In retrospect, i don’t know why this made me so frustrated. Maybe the frustration was piling up for a long time or maybe I wasn’t in a good day, probably never know.

After some time i understood…

Leonardo Bezerra Silva Júnior

Just a Java Nerd.

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